Songrwriting workshop with Jim Jones and Mariam Funke

Here is what some of our participants are saying about their experience with the Crafting Better Songs songwriting workshops:

  • "I've been to a lot of songwriting workshops, and I learned ten times as much today as I did from all of the others combined."

    Tom McFarland, singer/songwriter

  • "I am a long-time guitarist but new to songwriting. Creative Songwriting was just what I needed. Jim and Mariam were informative and inspiring, as well as funny and engaging. Helped me more fully appreciate the creative process and tools of songwriting. I am very excited to write my own songs now. Highly recommend."

    Scott Blackwell, musician/guitarist

  • "I can't thank you enough for a very inspiring evening. I am excited to be able to attend another session."

    Joe Brown, former President, Western Music Association/New Mexico Chapter

  • "I just want to thank you for the workshop last night. I personally benefitted significantly because, first of all, I spent a whole day working on a song that I have long wanted to write, which I think will become one of my better songs. Secondly, Mariam was able to hear the melodic ideas along with the lyrical ideas. He assisted me significantly by suggesting a dramatic chord/key modulation at a critical moment in the song (a bridge of sorts). So, thanks guys. When I finish my song, Looking Back at Uncle Jack, I'll sing it to you."

    Michael Coy, former President, Western Music Association/New Mexico Chapter

  • "Here are two guys that are at the top of their musical game and what do they do but add another facet to what they have to offer. This workshop is a benefit for anyone who has already tried their hand at songwriting, or for any beginning artist. Easy to understand, filled with great tips, musical examples, and personal assistance. Thoroughly enjoyed and learned from it."

    Ramblin' Rangers (Brad and Bonnie)