• Aug 12, 2022

    Songwriting in the Great Southwest

    Photo of New Mexico landscape

    Two songwriters walk into a bar in Santa Fe... I know, it sounds like the opening to a joke but it's true. Okay, the original bar was in Socorro, New Mexico but Santa Fe sounded better. We (Mariam Funke and Jim Jones) started working together a little over ten years ago and since then, our music has taken us all over the West, from our home base New Mexico to Colorado to Texas to Arizona to California and all points in between.

    We have collaborated with each other and many other talented singer/songwriters to write a BUNCH of music and along the way have collected a fair number of accolades. More than anything, we have continued to refine our Personal Songwriting Frameworks...our styles and what works best for us, both lyrically and musically.

    We have spent countless hours discussing songwriting and are eager to share our collective knowledge with others who have this compulsion to tell their stories in words and music. And what better setting to do that in than around the great Southwest and the Rocky Mountains.

    Where do the ideas come from? Just look around.