Crafting Better Songs songwriting workshops with Jim & Mariam

Songwriting Workshops
Jim & Mariam

What is the "right way" to construct a song? It's YOUR way! Don't know what that is? Don't worry; we'll help you figure out your own Personal Songwriting Framework.

By identifying, clarifying and refining your own unique process, combined with your dedication and commitment, you will create a foundation from which to proceed in an orderly and strategic manner.

No more waiting around for the muse to tap you on the shoulder.

Songwriting is our Passion. We love to bring like-minded people together to help them find their own unique approach to crafting better songs.

Join us to explore the many styles and methods of creating songs and discover which framework works best for you.

Two songwriters walk into a bar in Santa Fe... I know, it sounds like the opening to a joke but it's true. Okay, the original bar was in Socorro, New Mexico but Santa Fe sounded better. Our music has taken us all over the West, from our home base New Mexico to Colorado to Texas to Arizona to California and all points in between. And what better setting to do that in than around the great Southwest and the Rocky Mountains.

Where do the ideas come from? Just look around.