• Aug 01, 2023

    New Songwriter Workshop in the Planning Stages

    Songwriting utensils

    We're happy to announce a new songwriter workshop in the planning stages.

    Date: Oct 21, 2023
    Location: Home of Mike and Tana Hudson, San Antonio, NM.
    Time: Beginning at 10 AM, ending at 5 PM.
    Admission Fee: $200

    What to expect:

    We'll discuss tricks of the trade and concepts of quality songwriting...

    We'll learn from dissecting/analyzing famous songs of famous songwriters...

    We'll take time to answer your questions...

    We'll help you get down the road with your own songs that are works in progress and..., most of all,

    we'll have a good time while sharing our passion about crafting better songs with you.

    Since there will be limited seating, let us know if you're interested in participating and take advantage of getting 10% off the admission fee by registering early.

    Registration is open now and will close by September 23.

    CONTACT US for more information

    -- Jim and Mariam