• Jun 25, 2022

    Every Time

    "I wrote this in thirty minutes and it's the best thing I've ever done!" Well, maybe 1 time out of 1000. The other 999 times, you've probably gotten caught up in your creative emotion and neglected to put your editor hat on.

    Each song we write is important and it deserves our very best. We need to make sure to use the most powerful, descriptive words we can find to tell our story; we need to create a melody and chord structure that supports the story musically; we need to come up with a lyric structure...verses, chorus, perhaps a bridge...that lends power and clarity to the piece.

    While it's possible to do all that in thirty minutes, it's far less common than folks would lead you to believe. This is your art we're talking about, it deserves for you to take whatever time it requires to make it the best it can be.