• May 01, 2022

    You're Gonna Miss Us When We're Gone!

    Coming out of the pandemic, folks are approaching gatherings cautiously. However, a trend that's been going on for a good deal longer than Covid is a waning interest on the part of the general public to attend AND listen to talented singer/songwriters. I'm not talking about huge concert events at stadiums and arenas; I'm talking about intimate events in smaller listening venues or people's living rooms where you get to listen to and interact with incredibly talented human beings whom most people have never heard of.

    Why is this a problem? Things change, technology drives our culture; we sink deeper into our devices. This makes it financially tough on the artists, no doubt, which has a direct impact on the desire and willingness of upcoming generations to pursue a career in music. A bigger problem though is that it's killing the soul of the humans who make up our society. This type of music promotes connections, it fosters compassion and empathy, it preserves history, it encourages us to think and feel. It is good for your heart and soul. We need it desperately.

    You may not miss it until it's gone, but you WILL miss it!